Plastic packaging is becoming more mature and easing is still optimistic

Plastic packaging continues to mature, but the easing of growth brought about by maturity is another difficulty on the mature road.
When a plastic package is successfully implemented and light weighted, less resin material is required in the injection molding process. Lightweight packaging is very beneficial to the environment because of the use of less packaging materials, but this is not her. The only advantage is that lightweight packaging also has the advantage of many uses, such as reducing material costs.
The plastic bubble film packaging market has matured in developed countries such as North America and Western Europe, and will ease growth. However, it is predicted that the bubble bag packaging market in developing countries will grow stronger, Asia is the largest regional market, and Asia is also the fastest growing market for bubble film packaging, with China and India growing fastest.
Numerous plastic container suppliers say that a large number of daily chemical companies have shown great concern for lightweighting, especially for popular personal care products, such as skin care products in plastic bottles or plastic cans. In general, plastic bottles or plastic cans are easier to achieve the goal of lighter weight than injection molded containers. Lightweight plastic packaging can alleviate people's concerns about environmental protection and sustainable development. More and more people choose products that are better in packaging, faster in production, stronger in packaging and lighter in weight. At the same time, the small reduction in the amount of resin on each package can bring considerable economic benefits to the enterprise. Especially under the premise that the price of resin raw materials has never been improved, more and more enterprises are increasingly thicker in packaging. interest.
The trend of plastic packaging bags continues to be optimistic
According to a report by Cleveland Industrial Markets Research, the global demand for plastic bags will grow at a rate of 6.2% per year, and the market demand will reach $37.3 billion by 2018. This increase in value is triggered by the traditional consumer preferences of consumers and producers. The market is more biased towards traditional plastic packaging, which can be said to be a market consumption inertia.
In China and other developing countries where market expansion is expanding rapidly, the expansion of the production scale of packaging bags and the rising market demand are mutually reinforcing. The report shows that by 2018, the Asia Pacific market is expected to have the highest revenue. Among them, food packaging (especially beverage packaging) and pharmaceutical packaging will be the two main growth poles. On the other hand, the increasing portability and design of the packaging itself has also boosted market demand: in the more developed countries, Japan and South Korea, for example, the base of packaging consumer groups remained stable; in high industrial areas, China and the United States, for example, packaging demand Continued steady growth; the most mature packaging market in North America and Western Europe, for example, the upward trend in demand exceeds the expected ratio; the most potential packaging markets that have to be mentioned include China, Thailand and India, and the strong demand drives the productivity of the entire packaging market. .
Plastic packaging solutions
In recent years, the use of thin-walled plastic bags has quietly become a major market trend. In countries such as Europe and the United States, lightweight packaging of plastic packaging has long been a strange topic, taking the United Kingdom as an example. In 2013, British consumers purchased 8.3 billion plastic shopping bags in domestic supermarkets, down 32% from the 12.2 billion in 2006. However, this figure has increased by 3.2% compared with the 8.1 billion in 2012. Wrap market analysts explained that this was mainly due to the “lightweight” development of shopping bags and the use of recycled materials to reduce the use of raw polymers in shopping bags by 48%.
To make full use of the emissions of less discarded plastic shopping bags, many supermarkets and retail stores in the UK place recyclable equipment at the door to collect used shopping bags for recycling. It is reported that under the advocacy of the business, nearly 40% of the plastic shopping in the UK will turn waste into treasure every year for secondary use. In addition to collecting discarded plastic shopping bags, British remanufacturers are also very supportive of the UK government's additional tax plan for 5 pence/feet for plastic bags used in supermarkets and large department stores starting next year. They believe that the paid supply of plastic shopping bags can further regulate consumer environmental awareness, thus truly reducing the use of plastic shopping bags.
In general, plastic bottles, plastic cans, plastic hoses, and plastic covers are simpler ways to complete weight loss. With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for commodity packaging bags is increasing, and the requirements for packaging bags are increasing. The demand for the use value of packaging bags is also increasing. The rapid growth of the output value of the packaging industry currently highlights the huge development prospects of the packaging industry.

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