The harm of latex paint Which pregnant women can use latex paint

For latex paint, I believe the public is more familiar, because in many industries can see its presence, although it has many benefits, but the market has always been that latex paint is a toxic coating, harmful to the body, At the same time there is a taste, in fact, no matter what the product, there will be a certain degree of poisoning, but the severity of the problem, then what are the hazards of latex paint ? Let's take a look at the following along with Xiao Bian. I hope to provide some help for everyone.

What are the hazards of latex paint?

Is latex paint poisonous?

1, in fact, to determine whether the product is toxic, just look at the raw materials it adds for the presence of toxic factors, it is well-known that the formal latex paint uses water as a solvent, in many coatings is a very safe material, Basically, it does not contain substances that are harmful to the human body. Of course, it cannot be said to be completely healthy. Of course, consumers can use it with confidence.

2. For some inferior construction materials, although it is also called latex paint, the materials used in this type of products are indeed some chemicals, and even some starchy materials are used as adhesives, so they contain a large amount of free formaldehyde. To harm, of course, environmental protection latex paint is not non-toxic, but its environmental protection coefficient is higher, generally after brushing, it is recommended to stay in a week or two.

Second, latex paint harm to human body

1, because this type of product contains formaldehyde, the hazard to the human body is long ambushes, it will stimulate the throat, eyes, causing skin irritation, breathing difficulties and other conditions, in addition to long-term absorption of formaldehyde can also lead to asthma, cancer and other serious Disease.

2. This kind of product contains some VOC compounds, which can seriously cause the memory of the human brain to become worse, or even cause cancer. Especially for pregnant women, if they are long-expected in an environment where the content of VOC is excessive, there is a great deal to the health and development of the baby in the belly. Large harms, some also lead to fetal congenital defects.

Can pregnant women use latex paint?

The answer is: No

1, because the product contains some toxic substances, it will endanger human health, in addition to the included VOC will cause the human brain to lose memory, or even cause cancer, so let alone pregnant women, even ordinary adults, long-term expectations in this way In the environment, it is also harmful to the body.

2. After all, this type of substance is made of chemicals, so it contains some toxicity more or less. It should not be in contact with the skin for a long period of time. It should be washed off with soapy water at rest, but due to the small amount of harmful substances, Therefore, as long as you pay attention to ventilation after painting, you can stay in the dry completely, but for pregnant women, in the latex paint environment should be more careful, it is best to stay away, let alone use.

Concluding remarks: The above is about the hazards of latex paint which are introduced, I believe that most users of latex paint hazards which already have a further understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult the small Editing.

Latex paint

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