The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publishes network and information security standards, and enterprises need to strengthen network and information security construction.

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 18 network and information security standards, marking the entry of China's Internet security into a substantive phase. With the deepening of China's informatization development, the more economic and social application to the network, the more important it is to ensure network security. The problem of network information security has become increasingly prominent. If we do not take active and effective response measures in time, it will definitely affect the in-depth and sustainable development of China's informatization and adversely affect the healthy development of China's economy and society.

Strengthening the construction of Internet security and establishing a sound legal system for network and information security is aimed at the long-term. To clarify the responsibilities and obligations of users, enterprises and other related parties, it is urgent to speed up information security legislation, improve relevant laws and regulations, strictly implement responsibilities, and effectively address the severe challenges facing network security.

This also sounded the alarm for the paint company. In the Internet era, we must raise awareness of network security, strengthen network security construction, and ensure network and information security.

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