The three parties will promote the comprehensive upgrade of China CNC Machine Tool Show

CCMT (China CNC Machine Tools), China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition, is the sister exhibition of China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT). It was founded in 2000 by China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association to showcase China's CNC machine tools.

What is an upgraded version? The upgraded version is more than just a CCMT to catch up with CIMT. This is just a primary goal; what is the high-level goal? The high-level goal is that we want to target international first-class exhibitions like EMO. This is called an upgraded version. China has been the world's largest consumer market for machine tool tools for more than a decade. Why is our exhibition not a world-class exhibition? The best exhibitions in the world should be in China and should be in the largest consumer market. In the upcoming CCMT2014, the organizers will make full efforts to achieve the upgraded version of CCMT2014.

So how do you implement the upgrade? In what direction do you need to work? There are three points in a simple summary: internationalization, specialization, and informationization.

1. Internationalization . Internationalization has two meanings: one is the internationalization of exhibitors; the other is the internationalization of exhibitions. As we all know, CCMT's previous positioning was mainly for domestic exhibitors, and overseas exhibitors were individual and small. This was determined by the historical conditions at the time. Because more than 10 years ago, we have not yet joined the WTO, and we are far from the current level of openness, and there is no current market demand structure. However, the situation has changed a lot, so the positioning of CCMT must also be changed accordingly. Therefore, the organizers have clearly stated that CCMT must unswervingly follow the international development path. Due to the relatively short preparation time, the internationalization level of CCMT2014 next year is not very high, but there have been very obvious changes. Judging from the current exhibition situation, the number of overseas exhibitors will be close to 30% of the total number of exhibitors, and the exhibition area of ​​overseas exhibitors will exceed 1/3 of the total exhibition area, which has changed significantly from the previous CCMT. But this is by no means our final goal. Our goal is to achieve full internationalization. Second, the organization and management of the exhibition should be internationalized. We must fully learn from the experience of planning, organization and management of world-class exhibitions, and accelerate the integration of management with international first-class exhibitions in all aspects.

2. Specialization . Specialization is a distinctive feature of world-class exhibitions. The specialization mentioned here mainly refers to the specialization of the exhibition layout. Our exhibitions, including CIMT, have a limited level of specialization, which is different from the machine tool exhibitions in Germany, the United States and Japan. This layout is obviously not conducive to the audience, is not conducive to the purchaser, and in fact is not conducive to exhibitors, that is, God is not good for us, it is very inconvenient to visit. Therefore, in this respect, we must continuously improve, to be more conducive to the audience, to the purchaser, and to the exhibitors. Next year's show, everyone will see that we will have a new advancement in specialization.

3. Informatization . We need to use the network information platform more and more fully to provide exhibitors, buyers and audiences with higher level, more professional, more convenient and faster services. Frankly speaking, we have not yet fully started in this regard. The gap is huge. We must accelerate the construction of an information network platform with CCMT and CIMT features on the basis of system planning.

The gap is obvious and the direction of the effort is clear. The direction of CCMT upgrade is internationalization, specialization and informationization. We must continue to work hard in these three directions, continue to improve, gradually upgrade, and accelerate the development of an upgraded version of CCMT. Of course, to create an upgraded version of CCMT, we cannot do without the active participation of exhibitors; we cannot do without the support and cooperation of our partners. We firmly believe that as long as we all work together, this goal will be achieved!

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