The use of industrial washing machines requires strict "five passes"

Industrial washing machines should be regarded as the most used laundry equipment in the family. However, a large number of netizens “will not use washing machines. Everyone in the subconscious will definitely feel that they use things every day. How can they not be used? Otherwise, many conventional methods are often wrong. Today, Shanghai Happiness Industrial Washing Machine Co., Ltd. will introduce to you how to strictly implement the "five gateways" in the use of industrial washing machines.
One of the gateways: there is room for washing capacity. When the actual washing amount of the industrial washing machine is 80% of the rated capacity (for example, 18kg of clothing is placed in 20kg capacity), when the drum type is 60% (5kg capacity is 5kg), the washing effect is the best, and the washing capacity is required once, the effect will be Poor, but will waste more time and energy.
Pass 2: Washing temperature should be appropriate. The concentrated detergent contains more enzymes, but because of the concentration of the detergent, the density is high, the ratio is large, and it is easy to sink to the bottom of the washing liquid. In order to dissolve it, in order to make full use of the action of the enzyme, it is preferred to wash it with warm water. The optimum water temperature is about 30 ° C ~ 40 ° C, the appropriate temperature, the enzyme's catalytic activity can be optimized.
Pass 3: The soaking time should be guaranteed. As the saying goes: "Knife sharpening does not miss the woodworker", in order to better play the role of surfactant in the detergent, it is best to put the clothes in the washing liquid for 10 to 20 minutes before washing, so that the stain is easier to remove . Also, the detergent should be dissolved in water to avoid fading of the phosphor directly in contact with the clothes.
The fourth pass: the amount of detergent should be appropriate. The washing program of the fully automatic washing machine is automatically set by the microcomputer, usually washing once, rinsing twice, and dehydrating once. Put too much detergent, even if it is rinsed twice, it will not be rinsed. At present, commercially available washing machines, including fuzzy control washing machines that resemble artificial intelligence, cannot automatically detect whether they are washed (cannot be installed due to the limitation of water quality in China's cities). Therefore, it is not necessary to put more detergent. It is not necessarily a good thing to put too much detergent.
Pass 5: Washing or not. After washing for more than a certain period of time (usually 10 to 15 minutes), the washing rate will not increase significantly, but it will damage the clothes. For example, the more popular automatic washing machine, when washing, the bottom pulsator drives the clothes to rotate in the forward and reverse directions (greater than 360°), and the mutual force is relatively large. The wet clothing is rubbed against the high-speed rotating pulsator, which is damaging to the fabric fibers. So the clothes in the washing machine are not washed longer and cleaner.

Fully-Automatic Powder Fastening Tool


  • Widely used for concrete, metal, brickwork and rocky structures
  • Fastening of doors and windows, interior finishing and electric equipments
  • suitable for  frequent installation and top installation requiring repetive fastening

Technical Parameters:

  • Equipped with four power levels of (S1JL) Powder Loads
  • Equipped with 8.6mm nailer tubes, YDMX nails less than 32mm


  • Automatic shooting of ten nails continuously, automatic feeding and fast shooting
  • Unique design to avoid blocking
  • Lignt weight and low-noise
  • Automatic resetting after shooting

Powder Actuated Tools 02

Fully-Automatic Powder Fastening Tool

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