The whole kitchen installation cabinet must know the 5 major matters needing attention

With the gradual prevalence of the whole cabinet, more and more people have chosen the whole cabinet. Whether the installation of the cabinet is in place will not only affect the overall aesthetics, but also directly affect whether the subsequent use is satisfactory. So what are the steps for cabinet installation, and the details of the details that must be paid attention to during the installation process let us come together. Cabinet installation includes cabinets, hanging cabinets, countertops, hardware and other components. It also has its own sequence when installing. Generally, it is installed in the order of cabinets - hardware - countertops - wall cabinets - stoves and appliances. Let us follow the order. Take a look at the details of the cabinet installation.

1, the floor cabinet

The installation of the cabinet is divided into three steps. One is to measure the size, but to find the reference point, and the third is to connect the cabinet. Before installing the cabinet, clean the ground to ensure the level of the ground. Then measure the ground and wall with a level gauge to understand the level of the ground. If the cabinet is L-shaped or U-shaped, you need to find the reference point before installation.

The L-shaped cabinet needs to extend from the right angle to both sides. The U-shaped cabinet needs to first align the middle-shaped one-piece cabinet and then place it from two right angles to the two sides to avoid gaps.

Connecting the cabinet is an important step in the installation of the cabinet. Generally speaking, the connection between the cabinets requires 4 connectors, so as to ensure the tightness between the cabinets, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of some bad merchants in order to save costs. Poor self-tapping connections, such a connection is not high, and not beautiful.

2, hardware

The basins, faucets and baskets in the hardware installation are the key points. When installing the cabinets and countertops, cover the baskets with cover to prevent the wood chips from falling into the basket track and affecting the use. In order to prevent water seepage in the basin or the water, the connection between the hose and the basin should be sealed with a sealing strip or glass glue.

3, countertop

The installation of the countertop should pay attention to the glue bonding time in different seasons. The bonding requires professional glue. For the beautiful countertops of the joints, the grinding machine should be used for grinding and polishing. At present, the countertops used by consumers are mostly artificial stone or natural stone countertops. The countertops are made of several pieces of stone. Therefore, the bonding time, the amount of glue and the degree of polishing will affect the appearance of the countertop. In general, it takes half an hour for the table top bonding in summer and one hour to one and a half hours for the winter.

4, hanging cabinet

Two things to note when installing the cabinet are to find the horizontal line and the counter connection. Before installing the cabinet, in order to ensure the level of the expansion screw, draw a horizontal line on the wall. Generally, the distance between the horizontal line and the table is 650 mm. The final decision is based on the height of the wall. Installation of the cabinet also requires connectors to ensure a tight connection. After the installation of the cabinet is completed, the level is adjusted to avoid affecting the appearance.

5, stoves, electrical appliances

The installation of the cooker in the cabinet requires special attention to the arrangement of the power hole, the size of the cooktop and the safety of the air inlet. The most important thing to install the cooker is to connect the air supply. Make sure that the air inlet does not leak. The distance between the installation of the range hood and the cooktop is generally between 750 and 800 mm. The installation height is too high, which will affect the effect. It should be noted that the range hood should be aligned with the cooker.

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