Transformation and upgrading are under pressure to look forward to policy-oriented support

Abstract [Editor's note] The Milling Machine Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association issued the "Notice on Conducting the Investigation of Enterprise Economic Operation" on June 29, and carried out relevant investigations in the branch enterprises. The survey was positively responded by the clubs, and they all responded to the economic situation of the machine tool industry...
[Editor's note] The Milling Machine Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association issued the "Notice on Conducting the Investigation of Enterprise Economic Operation" on June 29, and carried out relevant investigations in the branch enterprises. The survey was positively responded by the clubs and published analysis and opinions on the economic operation of the machine tool industry. According to the feedback questionnaire received, the club organized and summarized the “Investigation Report on the Economic Operation of the Milling Machine Branch Member Enterprises in the First Half of 2015”, which is summarized below.

Question 1: Problems facing the transformation and upgrading of industries and enterprises under the new normal 1. Common difficulties of most enterprises
The conventional product market has been seriously declining, resulting in a decline in overall output, a decline in revenue, a large loss of personnel, a shortage of professional technicians and professional designers, a large investment in research and development of high-performance products, and difficulties in financing. The benefits are far lower than expected, and new products are under development. The dilemma; the bank's poor support for the real economy, resulting in insufficient funds for many client companies, even if there is the intention to buy machine tools, but the problem of financial difficulties, in turn, requires the machine tool factory to provide long-term installment payments, so that the machine tool factory can only give up a lot An order that is unreasonably required.

2. Personal entrepreneurship has a negative effect in the industry
The state encourages individual entrepreneurship, and the society is passionate about individual entrepreneurial dreams, which makes the brain drain of the machine tool industry increasingly serious. At the same time, many new small workshops have been formed. Small enterprises use simple assembly and low-quality machine tools to sell to customers at low prices. This has a great impact on the current machine tool factories that produce low-end machine tools.

3. Low-cost competition forms a bad result
The blind expansion of the machine tool industry in the early stage has created huge production capacity, causing several major machine tool industry giants headed by the national team to continuously launch price wars, which makes most machine tool enterprises busy with coping, and the relative investment in new products is relatively reduced, resulting in a vicious cycle of low-price competition, causing enterprises to cause Serious bad consequences.

Question 2: Whether the current market demand has undergone structural changes 1. The market demand structure has changed
From the market demand of small and medium-sized vertical machining centers, the sales of products with lower prices are the most, but in recent years, the sales of ordinary processing centers with lower prices have decreased, and the processing of large-size machining centers has increased slightly. CNC machine tools have not fully met or exceeded the user's expectations, which has affected their market expansion. The sales volume of ordinary lifting table milling machines dropped sharply, and the sales volume of CNC lifting table milling machines increased, but the increase rate was not large. The CNC gantry milling machines were slow-moving, and the demand for major products was still in a sluggish state. The demand was much lower than in previous years. In recent years, the demand for small and medium-sized products has been better, but the demand for individualization has increased and the delivery time has been shortened.

2. Industry industry structure adjustment
In recent years, the industrial restructuring of the industry has been gradually carried out and has received certain results. For example, in order to improve the high-end five-axis equipment in the aerospace, military, nuclear power and other industries, most of them rely on imports. Some enterprises have begun to enter the aerospace field, focusing on the development of five-axis linkage vertical machining center and five-axis linkage blade processing. The center, five-axis linkage horizontal machining center and other products and industrial robot intelligent production line, hope to replace some imported products through the research and development of these products, to improve the lack of these industrial chains. Some enterprises have also increased the professional processing of aerospace, military and other parts processing business, from the professional manufacturers of CNC machining centers to the downstream customers industry processing business. However, the current development and market promotion of domestic 5-axis linkage machine tools is slow, and the market share is not high. Although the state has repeatedly advocated military and state-owned enterprises to use domestic high-end equipment, it is still very difficult to implement it.

In the past 10 years, the new private enterprises that have developed rapidly to produce CNC machine tools and high-end products are the leading products. When the machine tool industry is in a downturn and the market demand structure changes, it can seize the opportunity to face the situation and seek steady progress in the face of adversity. Development, such as: Beijing Jingdiao Technology, Ningbo Haitian Precision, Chengdu Prius, Fujian Jiatai CNC and other enterprises.

Question 3: Understanding of the economic trend of the industry 1. The competition of technology and innovation has become the development trend
At present, the competition in the machine tool industry has turned into competition for technology and innovation, and various types of CNC machine tools companies are seeking new development and integration. For example, Shandong Yonghua took the international integration route, Fujian Dingtai realized the share reform, etc. The overall trend is that the machine tool industry has entered a critical period of reshuffle and brand development.

2. Going to homogenization is the consensus of industry development
At present, this adjustment is not a cyclical one, but a long-term structural transformation. The most urgent problem that the current machine tool industry needs to solve is the problem of homogenization. It is better not to be high-end, but also to be differentiated.

3. Intelligent manufacturing is a bright spot, but it should not be blindly expanded
Intelligent manufacturing is the biggest highlight of "Made in China 2025". Intelligent manufacturing is not only the intelligentization of the manufacturing process, but also the intelligent integration of management intelligence, service intelligence, equipment intelligence and other aspects. Intelligent manufacturing should be the goal that domestic advanced manufacturing enterprises strive to pursue. The country that implements this goal should be given great help to set an example and form a capability. However, it should not be fully developed in a large scale, because most enterprises have poor foundations and will not receive good results.

Question 4: The company expects the government to provide support in policy 1. Call on the government to pay attention to the machine tool industry and give special support
The machine tool industry is a key industry in the equipment manufacturing industry. It is hoped that the government will increase a special loan for CNC machine tools, and appropriately tilt the policy support to private enterprises, and guide the use of domestic machine tools. The preferential policies for imported CNC machine tools cannot be placed too much. Fast, too wide. In addition, we can concentrate on increasing the research and development capabilities of key components and components in the machine tool industry, so that the supporting industries of machine tool manufacturing enterprises form a competitive advantage in the industrial chain.

2. Implement industry access system and speed up the upgrade
At present, although the domestic machine tool industry is integrated, it is still in a state of mass division, resulting in low-cost competition and resource fragmentation. Therefore, it is recommended to implement an industry access system. At the same time, in order to speed up industrial upgrading, certain preferential policies are given to the import of key parts and components of machine tools that cannot be replaced in China.

3. Reduce corporate tax burden and provide liquidity support
At present, the tax burden of the real economy is too heavy, and it is recommended that the state give enterprises support in tax policy. Increase financing channels, reduce financing costs and taxes, especially provide liquidity support to SMEs to help enterprises tide over difficulties.

4. Strengthen the construction of mechanical manufacturing in colleges and universities
Strengthen the construction of various mechanical manufacturing majors in various vocational colleges and universities. Support companies and schools to jointly create manufacturing laboratories and bring advanced processing technologies to the classroom. Encourage the close integration of colleges and universities, research institutes, intermediaries and enterprises, so that innovative factors such as technology, achievements, talents and equipment can be effectively assembled to enhance the independent innovation capability of the industry.

5. Encourage trade-in policy
Encourage trade-in policies. Through the trade-in policy, the elimination of outdated equipment, the introduction of new high-end equipment, and the new demand for excavator bed tools from the stock market.

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Grade Br HcB Hcj (BH)max Br Hcj Max Temp MMPA
KGs mT kOe Ka/m kOe Ka/m MGOe Kj/m³ TK(Br)%/K TK(Hcj)%/K ºC Equivalents
LN10 6.5 650 0.48 38 0.5 40 1.25 10 -0.035 -0.025 450 ALNICO3
LNG12 7.5 750 0.56 45 0.58 46 1.5 12 -0.03 -0.02 450 ALNICO2 
LNGT18 5.5 550 1.13 90 1.21 97 2.25 18 -0.025 0.01 550 ALNICO8
LNG34 11 1100 0.63 50 0.65 52 4.25 34 -0.02 0.01 525 ALNICO5
LNG37 11.8 1180 0.61 49 0.64 51 4.63 37 -0.02 0.01 525
LNG40 12 1200 0.63 50 0.65 52 5 40 -0.02 0.01 525
LNG44 12.5 1250 0.65 52 0.68 54 5.5 44 -0.02 0.01 525
LNGT34 11.5 1150 0.73 58 0.75 60 3.5 28 -0.02 0.03 525 ALNICO6
LNG52 13 1300 0.7 56 0.73 58 6.5 52 -0.02 0.03 525 ALNICO5DG
LNG60 13.5 1350 0.73 58 0.75 60 7.5 60 -0.02 0.03 525 ALNICO5-7
LNGT38 8 800 1.38 110 1.4 112 4.75 38 -0.025 0.01 550 ALNICO8
LNGT40 8.5 850 1.44 115 1.46 117 5 40 -0.025 0.01 550
LNGT44 9 900 1.44 115 1.46 117 5.5 44 -0.025 0.01 550
LNGT36J 7.2 720 1.88 150 1.9 152 4.5 36 -0.025 0.01 550 ALNICO8HC
LNGT60 10 1000 1.38 110 1.4 112 7.5 60 -0.025 0.01 550 ALNICO9
LNGT72 10.5 1050 1.44 115 1.46 117 9 72 -0.025 0.01 550
LNGT80 10.8 1080 1.5 120 1.53 122 10 80 -0.025 0.01 550
FLNG10 6.5 650 0.5 40 0.53 42 1.25 10 -0.03 -0.02 450 ALNICO3
FLNG12 7.5 750 0.56 45 0.58 46 1.5 12 -0.035 -0.025 450 ALNICO2
FLNGT18 6 600 1.19 95 1.23 98 2.25 18 -0.025 0.01 550 ALNICO8
FLNGT20 6.2 620 1.25 100 1.31 105 2.5 20 -0.025 0.01 550
FLNG34 11.5 1150 0.6 48 0.63 50 4.25 34 -0.02 0.01 525 ALNICO5
FLNGT28 11 1100 0.73 58 0.75 60 3.5 28 -0.02 0.03 525 ALNICO6
FLNGT36J 7.2 720 1.88 150 1.9 152 4.5 36 -0.025 0.01 550 ALNICO8HC
FLNGT38 8 800 1.38 110 1.4 112 4.75 38 -0.025 0.01 550 ALNICO8
FLNGT44 8.5 850 1.5 120 1.53 122 5.5 44 -0.025 0.01 550
FLNGT48 9.2 920 1.56 125 1.59 127 6 48 -0.025 0.01 550
B-LNG7 3.1 310 1 79.63 1.3 103.5 0.85 6.77 -0.02 0.01 200
B-LNG8 3.4 340 1.05 83.612 1.35 107.5 1 7.96 -0.02 0.01 200
Above-mentioned data are given at room temperature 20 ºC and have relationship to products` dimensions

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