Use insulating gloves to be checked every six months

Insulating gloves, as the name suggests, is a protective article that prevents both hands from getting an electric shock during electrical operation. Pay attention to the following points during operation, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents.

First of all, when carrying out equipment inspection, switching operation, installation and disassembly of grounding wires, etc., insulation gloves should be worn.

Second, we must pay attention to the quality of gloves, especially new gloves, must use a fully qualified product. Before each use, attention should be paid to the visual inspection. If it is found to be sticky, cracked, broken (leakage), air bubbles, brittle, etc., use is prohibited.

Third, pay attention to the inspection of gloves. The regulations require inspection every six months. Users should also constantly check the airtightness of the gloves. The specific method is to roll up the gloves from the mouth, press the air slightly to the palm and finger parts, check the above parts for leaks, if there is leakage, you can not continue use.

Fourth, when wearing gloves, pay attention to putting the sleeves of the top into the mouth of the glove. In use, always prevent piercing objects from piercing the gloves.

Fifth, after each use, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, away from heat and avoid acids, alkalis, oils and other corrosive products to avoid direct sunlight. When using horizontal placement, slide lime should be applied to prevent adhesion.

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