Warning lamp model selection and how to install

Warning lights are generally used to maintain road safety. They are usually used in the development of police vehicles, emergency vehicles for fire trucks, ambulances, emergency vehicles, and mechanical equipment. Under normal circumstances, the warning light is a product that can provide a variety of lengths depending on the type and use of the vehicle, and has a lampshade combination structure. When needed, one side of the lampshade can be combined with a composite color. In addition, according to the different forms of light sources, it can be divided into: 1 light bulb turn light; 2 LED flash; 3 xenon light tube strobe, LED flash light is an upgraded version of the light bulb turn light, longer life, more energy-efficient, Lower heat!

Warning lamp model

1, long row of warning lights made: LTF halogen rotation: 1000,2000,3000,4000,6000,7000,8000,V7

2, long row of warning lights made: TBD strobe LED: 1000,2000,3000,4000,5000,6000,7000,8000,V7

3, small warning lights made: LTE halogen rotation: 1101,1102,1103,1104,1105,1201,1122,1181,1191,1081,1082,1083

4, small warning lights made: LTE strobe LED: 5101,5102,5103,5104,5181,5191

Installation warning light

1, to install the warning lights of the riders are reminded: the warning light is divided into positive and negative, the positive connection 58 ports, negative connection screws, otherwise it will not flash 2, open T73-A must be careful when operating, due to Space is small, students with bad waist do not worry, slowly! Specifically how to open the photo.

3, the normal wiring method, wiring, one end of the screw, one broken line connected to 58 ports, once again break the line cross wiring, only normal flashing.

4. The correct connection of the long row of warning lights is: the red line of the megaphone is connected with the input of the engine, the positive black line is connected with the negative input of the engine, and the normal flashing mode: the yellow line and the white line should be connected to be flashed, and then the blue line will receive the megaphone speaker. , Public and public pairs of connectors to control flashing module 5, small warning lights are generally connected to the red line corresponding to the battery positive, black line corresponding to the battery negative, in addition to halogen rotary warning lights

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