What are the styles of deli decoration? Deli decoration style inventory

The business of the deli is good or bad. The taste of the cooked food is delicious. On the one hand, the decoration style of the store also accounts for a large proportion. What are the styles of the deli decoration? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will inventory the common deli decoration style for everyone, hoping to help everyone.

What are the styles of deli decoration?


Deli decoration style 1. Luxury style: The luxury deli has a high reputation in a certain area, the decoration facilities are complete, the environment is beautiful, and the delicatessen production is very particular. In addition to the characteristics of general catering, its unique features are high prices, high-quality foods with high-level cooking and services, and its clients are mostly high-income people. The luxury deli has the high price and the cooked food cost, service level and consumption environment. The cooked food products and technology are highly unified, the service object is stable and the social image is outstanding, the management is in place and the system is perfect.

Deli decoration style 2, popular style: the popular deli is the main force in the catering, the largest number, the business variety is relatively simple, the raw materials are mainly in the middle and low-end, the flavor is based on the taste acceptable to most local people. Such deli stores have their own status and image among customers due to their own characteristics, scale, grades and service differences. It has its own unique characteristics, the price is moderate, the cost of cooked food is low, and the flavor is popular. The service target is aimed at the mass consumer, and the management method combines its own reality.


Deli decoration style 3, flavor style: flavored deli is a unique food culture, with a strong local flavor, a variety of single, but very influential cooked food, often have a certain representative, is historical, geographical A comprehensive reflection of sexuality and nationality. This type of cooked food is relatively stereotyped, the soup is relatively fixed, the service has certain characteristics, and the flavor is recognized. The flavored deli has a rich theme and connotation in layout and decoration. The customer can feel the unique culture and atmosphere, the combination of eating and music, strong participation, show some activities with special significance, and the atmosphere is relaxed and embarrassing.

Deli decoration style 4, fashion style: fashion deli store decoration and effort, pay great attention to the design of the delicatessen, and incorporate the fashion elements, and refer to the Western style environment to create a petty bourgeoisie, completely different from consumption The impression of the oily smell and the smell of the food in the heart.

The above is what style of deli decoration brought to you by Xiaobian? The whole contents of the deli decoration style inventory, I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the deli decoration style, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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