What to use for floor heating

Because of the uniqueness of floor heating, the conditions for installing floor heating are extremely strict. Therefore, in addition to satisfying the conventional indicators, we must also meet the requirements for floor heating when we purchase suitable floor heating. So, what kind of floor is good for floor heating ? This is a problem that many people will face when they are warmed up. If you are interested in this, you may wish to follow me to find out what floor to use in the next floor!

What kind of floor is good for floor heating?

Under normal circumstances, laminate flooring is more suitable for floor heating. Because the standard thickness of the floor heating floor is 6.5-8.5mm, and the thickness of the composite floor is 6-9mm; in which the laminate flooring is 6-8mm; the three-layer parquet is 8-9mm, the heat transfer performance is better, and the surface has a The wear layer of aluminum oxide layer is conducive to the rapid diffusion of heat at the surface.

What kind of floor is warm? 2. Solid wood floor

In general, the thickness of solid wood flooring is usually about 2 cm. When installing, the keel needs to be used. If the floor is heated, air is left between the floor and the ground, and the heat transfer coefficient is very low. The heat is not easily transmitted to the surface and can cause heat. The waste, the temperature difference feels obvious. And the water content of solid wood floor is higher, in the case of continuous heating, prone to cracking, deformation and other phenomena, if you must use ordinary solid wood flooring, it is recommended to choose the back of the film layer floor, because it can moisture waterproof, And can maintain the wood moisture content and the ambient humidity balance.

What floor is good for floor heating 3. Bamboo flooring

The texture is delicate, flexible, and very comfortable to use. However, the color of bamboo flooring is too single, so only some families can accept it. In terms of heat and moisture resistance, bamboo flooring is also relatively lacking. In the south, bamboo flooring will grow on locusts, affecting its service life.

Flooring Tips

1. Wood properties of trees: There are many species of solid wood flooring. In the process of use, it is easy to produce phenomena such as wet-swelling and shrinkage. It is recommended that when choosing the species of wood, we should try to choose the kind of wood that is stable.

2. Specifications: In terms of wood size, the small size of the floor is relatively stable. Therefore, on the basis of satisfying the aesthetic conditions, the choice of floor should follow the principle of "should not be short and should not be narrow and wide".

3. Board quality: Observe whether the board surface has cracks, rot and other defects. The color difference, texture, etc. do not have to be too stringent. This is a natural property of wood, and it is not a product quality issue. It can be properly deployed during paving.

4. Processing quality: pay attention to the quality of the appearance of the floor is not in line with the national standard; check the factory floor inspection certificate.

5. Moisture content: The moisture content of the floor is the main factor affecting whether the floor is easily deformed. If the moisture content is too high or too low, it can easily cause floor defects.

Editor's summary: I believe that after reading the warm floor , people will know what to buy when they buy the floor. Here is to remind everyone: not all floors can be installed to warm, we must be careful when buying the floor, so as to ensure future use.

What floor to use for warmth

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