Which decoration company is good 10 decoration company recommended

A lot of people will choose a decoration design company to do house decoration, so it is necessary to pay special attention to choosing a decoration company. It will directly affect the quality of the house afterwards. Then the decoration design company which is good? The following small series and everyone to look at the decoration design company which is good, we can refer to choose the decoration company for their own.

Which is good decoration design company

1, standard decoration

The standard building decoration is a well-known decoration company in Sichuan, and is also the first company in the country to have a decoration package. It has a 7-year renovation package experience. He is also a permanent member of the Chengdu Decoration and Construction Association.

2, East Yi Risheng

The Dongyi Risheng Group was established in Beijing, the capital, and now has many branch offices throughout the country. The brand has always been "for today's brand names, a hundred years of business" for the purpose. Based on high-end home decoration design and construction and other directions.

3, Yuan Chau decoration

Yuen Chau Decoration is a large-scale decoration company in Beijing and one of the Top 500 Chinese Brand Enterprises.

4, canoe decoration

One of the outstanding decorative companies in Beijing is a canoe decorated with the title of Chinese home decoration company.

5, the decoration of the industry

Beijing Yizhiyi Decoration Co., Ltd. is a large-scale leading company in furniture installation. It is mainly engaged in the design, decoration and construction of residential and large-scale public buildings.

6. Longfa Group

Longfa Group is an AAA-level enterprise in the construction industry. It has more than 500 senior construction teams, many years of experience in decoration and construction, and has mastered first-class technical level.

7, star art decoration

Guangdong Star Arts Decoration Co., Ltd. large-scale enterprise flagship brand, national "Building Decoration Design B" qualification certificate.

8, Oufang decoration

Oufang Decoration Shanghai Famous Brand Decoration Co., Ltd., a national Grade II decoration designer, a Class B Design Certificate, and a standing governing unit of the Municipal Decoration Industry Association.

9, Jiuding architectural decoration

Zhejiang Jiuding Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a leading brand in the architectural decoration industry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The first class residential decoration qualifications, architectural decoration secondary qualifications, Zhejiang's largest interior decoration company.

10, urban home decoration

Beijing City Home Decoration Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale home decoration company invested by domestic large-scale real estate companies and financial investment institutions, and has strong economic strength.

The above is a good introduction for everyone to bring the decoration design company , the above ranking in no particular order, hope to help everyone, if you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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