You have to know the general knowledge of the boiler full of water

1 When the boiler is full of water, when the boiler water level is higher than the maximum safe water level mark of the water level meter, when the boiler full water boiler is full, the water level table often does not see the water level, but the table is dark, which is full of water and lack of water. The important difference of water. When the water is full, the alarm of the high water level alarm sounds; the temperature of the superheated steam decreases; the flow rate of the feed water is abnormally larger than the steam flow; in severe cases, the pot water enters the steam pipe and the superheater, causing water hammer and fouling of the superheater. Therefore, the main hazard of full water is to reduce the quality of steam and damage it so as to damage the superheater.
2 Common causes of flooding 1 The operator is negligent, and the monitoring of the water level is lax or erroneous: the operator abandons his duty and gives up monitoring of the water level and other instruments;
2 Failure of the water level meter caused false water level and the operator did not find it in time;
3 The water level alarm and the water supply automatic regulator failed and was not discovered in time.
3 After finding that the boiler is full of water, flush the water level indicator at this time and check whether there is any fault in the water level meter. After confirming that the water is full, immediately close the water supply valve and stop watering the boiler. The economizer recirculation line is activated, the combustion is weakened, and the traps on the drain valve and the superheater and the steam pipe are opened. After the water level returns to normal, the drain valve and the steam traps are closed. Identify and eliminate the cause of the accident, adjust the water supply, and resume normal operation.
If there is a water hammer at full water, steam piping, accessories, brackets, etc. should also be checked after the water level is restored.
Boiler full of water or lack of water is a common phenomenon in boiler operation. Therefore, special attention is required from the boiler personnel to prevent such accidents from happening.

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